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This is the stuff that gets us up in the morning and fuels our fire to be our very best every day.
"It is a pleasure to have a contractor who I can give an overview of the work that needs to be accomplished and not have to manage every detail."
Tony Alumbaugh, Comdata

"Through effective communication in working and interfacing with both the Owner and our team members, Harlan's Team has demonstrated an understanding of the automotive manufacturing Processes."
James D. LaFevers, Morrison Knudsen Corporation

"Now that most of EFP's move-in activity is completed, I wanted to send a note thanking Harlan Electric for their support and long term relationship over the past 27 years.  As EFP Nashville grew, Harlan has continuoulsy provided us with trustworthy services throughout our ever changing needs.  Thank you for all of your efforts and exceptional service."
Learnmond A Chapman, Jr., EFP Corp

"I can honestly say that every time I have called on Harlan I have had total confidence that the problem would be found and corrected very quickly and I have never been disappointed."
Dale L. Voss, Noel Ice Company, Inc.

"Harlan Electric is my favorite vendor of all that we use because of your honesty, fairness, superb quality and unbelievably quick response time to service calls and proposals."
Cheri Clary, Wayne Tomlinson & Associates

"Without your team this project could have never been a success. Your hard work and dedication has been clearly recognized by the entire project team. Although the project was "hard dollar" bid, we could not have hand picked a better group to build this job."
Daniel W. Parkinson, Doster Construction Company, Inc.

"Harlan’s ability to manage original contract work with constant new design changes on a fast track job was a great attribute to the Design/Build team".
John Schultz, Jr., Korte Construction Company

"By using effective communication in working and interfacing with others, the Harlan Team demonstrated the ability to maintain a high degree of project enthusiasm involving all team members appropriately in getting the job done".
Henry Kortz - Saturn General Assembly Facility

There’s nothing more rewarding to us than knowing our customers are satisfied with our service.

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