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2nd BCT Barracks Complex at Fort Campbell

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Harlan Electric completed electrical work for the design-build project of the 2nd BCT Barracks Complex at Fort Campbell. 

The project consisted of a barracks building, company operations facility, dining facility and administration building totaling 382,569 square feet. The barracks complex holds four 3-story buildings, each housing 164 soldiers. The administration building holds platoon offices and locker rooms. The readiness building holds a concrete vault for each Company, and the dining facility has a capacity of up to 1,300 people.

This project is rated SPiRiT Gold, the Army's equivalent of LEED Silver.

Harlan Electric provided and installed new substation for future power requirements. The primary voltage for substation was 69kv and secondary voltage was 12470v.  The installation consisted of new steel structure, 1200 amp 72.5kv circuit breakers, 1600kva 69kv/15kv transformer, 1200 amp 3 gang air switch 72.5 kv, metalclad 15 kv switchgear, volage regulators, new busway arrestors, relays and control wiring.